(Day 42) Friday, 17-June-2022

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Day 42 – Erie, PA, to Buffalo, NY, 92.6 miles, 2,681 elevation gain. Having a rest day yesterday, we assembled this morning outside the hotel with a refreshed sense of purpose – and refreshed legs. With Boston just a mere 7 days away, I think we’re all wanting to get this adventure wrapped up. Not that we’re wishing it away – it has been a wonderful experience, have met wonderful people (both in the tour group and across the country), have viewed some awesome countryside, met some tough challenges and persevered, etc, etc…. but living out of two duffle bags and staying in a couple dozen hotel rooms kinda gets to a guy.

The ride today was one of the best days on the bike I’ve ever had – perfect temperature in the mid-70’s, sunny, a good tailwind, a smooth shoulder (for the most part) to ride on, not a ton of climbing…. Life is good. And, we actually enjoyed TWO ice cream stops today!

Tomorrow, we head to Victor, NY, a small town south of Rochester.

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