The heart pounds…. The legs burn…. Lungs scream for air….

Climbing a mountain pass over 4,800 ft above sea level on a bicycle isn’t easy. But every one of us is far more capable that we think we are. And the resilience of the human body is formidable.

Let me share with your group the inspirational story of the cross country bicycle ride!

We All Have Our Own Cross Country Bike Ride

In this presentation I share the story of the cross-country bicycle ride, and the amazing highs and tough challenges encountered along the way. Climbing mountain passes, crossing deserts, spending over 10 hours on the bike while being pelted with rain and a constant headwind. Let me explain how preparation, perseverance, and finding joy in the most trying circumstances will benefit your audience in their personal struggles.

There’s No Perfect Time

I focus on the concept of time: how we never have enough, how we think we will always have plenty to fulfill our dreams, and how we can use it more effectively. How often times you don’t get another chance to do what’s needed – the classic “missed opportunity”.

Custom Speech

I would be happy to tailor a speech topic which focus on perseverance, resilience, and tenacity, and how that relates to your projected audience.

Contact me for additional information and to learn more!