Special Thanks to….

As anyone who has attempted an adventure like this, there’s always a team providing support, encouragement, comic relief (looking at you, JD), etc, so the participant can do what they do. Sure, I’ll be the one putting in the miles on the bike, but there’s no way this would be happening without….

…my wife Amy! My BFF and partner in crime for nearly 30 years. Thanks for always being the encourager and providing support during the tough times. The care, thoughtfulness, and love you shower on the family is second to none and I look forward to seeing that beautiful smile every day! I love you!!

…our two sons, JD and Jacob! There is no way I could make this project happen without your support! (Somebody’s got to keep Mom in line while I’m pedaling across the country!)

…Dr Verna Simmons and the staff at Emory at Mountain Park Primary Care. I appreciate y’all keeping this crotchety old man living his life!

…Dr Augustine Conduah and the staff at Emory Orthopedics & Spine Center – Stonecrest. Very much appreciate checking out my knees and providing a good level of comfort this tour would be doable!

…Joel and the gang at The Bicycle Doctor (www.bicycledoc.com), who did my fitting and upgraded/serviced/adjusted several bits and pieces of hardware on my bike. Great job!