(Day 41) Thursday, 16-June-2022

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Day 40 – Niles, OH, to Erie, PA, 90.9 miles. Another overnight with rain (man, we’ve been so lucky with rain so far!), so leaving the hotel was on wet streets and full puddles, but no precipitation. It was a good ride although as the day unfolded it got hotter and hotter – culminating with the 3 words of the day: heat, humidity, and hills.

Actually, the hills were not too bad today, I think only one of them was significant enough to register on the bike computer. Our 2nd SAG was at “White Turkey Drive-In”, in Conneaut, Ohio (whiteturkey.com), a cool roadside stand kind of place with wonderful root beer floats. (I just had a turkey sandwich and a root beer; with 30 miles remaining I didn’t want to add the ice cream, or I’d soon become more bloated than some of the road kill I’ve seen on the road!) Just a stone’s throw down the road was the Pennsylvania state line, and we checked another state off the list.

Our rest day is in Erie, PA, and as we rode in, we passed several neat Victorian houses and buildings. We made our obligatory stop at an ice cream joint and then on to the hotel. Tomorrow is a rest day, (ie. no blog update), and Friday morning we begin the final leg to the Atlantic!

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