(Day 39) Tuesday, 14-June-2022

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Day 39 – Wooster, OH, to Niles, OH, 93 miles. Overnight we had a big storm come through, complete with strong winds and lightning. It had just left us when we assembled outside the hotel for our start. So wet streets, limbs and debris littering the streets, stop lights not working, wet pavement. And it was still spitting a little rain as we worked our way out of the city. In fact it continued to rain lightly for the next few hours – not enough to really be an issue, but it rained nonetheless.

But by late morning, the sun had begun to peek through a partly cloudy sky and it warmed up. I mean, really warmed up. The area is going through a bit of a hot spell right now, and we got our first real taste of it today. Tomorrow it’s forecast to be even warmer. Yuck!

But the ride was a good one. Because of all the rain they’ve been having, all the vegetation is very green and lush. It was another day of “ride 2 miles north, turn right to go around this farm, ride for 4 miles, turn left to go around another farm”, etc, etc. We rode thru the town of Canal Fulton, which was a cool town right on the Ohio canal (didn’t know there was an Ohio canal, but sure was a nice place!)

The last ~10 miles were on a bike path (ie. and old railroad bed) (also read: flat terrain!), with very few interruptions, which was great. When we arrived at the hotel we learned that, unless every hotel we’d visited previously, this place does not allow the bikes in our hotel rooms. They’ve made a meeting room available for overnighting the bikes, so…. a little different, but whatever.

Tomorrow, 90 miles to Erie, Pennsylvania, and then A REST DAY!!

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