(Day 38) Monday, 13-June-2022

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Day 38 – Marysville, OH, to Wooster, OH, 99 miles. Once again rain was forecasted, but the day turned out partly cloudy. A bit humid and steamy but not to bad (well, not bad compared to Atlanta standards!) We knew going in that we had five formidable climbs on the route, and as luck would have it, they were all in the last 20 miles (ie. the legs were spent by the time we reached them). Not the most graceful ascents (lots of heavy breathing, screaming muscles, lungs burning, cries of agony, weeping, cursing, sobbing, uncontrolled wailing, etc, etc…), but I made it to the top of each one. Rolled into Wooster and visited an ice cream shop before the hotel. For some reason was super thirsty when I got into my room – drank 2 bottles of water, even though – I thought – I’d hydrated pretty well while on the bike. Maybe it was the climbing at the end that threw me off a bit.

Tomorrow on to Niles, Ohio, 93 miles down the road. That will be our last overnight in Ohio before entering Pennsylvania.

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