(Day 29) Sunday, 5-June-2022

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That head wind was a bit of a surprise, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Yes, the ride today was another good one with good weather and good roads. There was a bit of a cross wind for much of the ride, and occasionally we’d turn south (or southeast), and the wind would make for a bit of a challenge.

We crossed the 2,000 mark today, and thinking back on the last four weeks, I’m amazed things are still going as well as they are. The bike is holding up magnificently, other than the tire/innertube issues I’ve had zero problems with mechanical issues; this old man’s body has gotten accustomed to waking up at 5, on the bike at 7, and putting in 7+ hours of pedaling. (Then it’s shower and relaxing, dinner, a little bit of social media attention, and then BED.)

The other big highlight today was crossing the Mighty Mississippi! The crossing was kind of messed up though – as luck would have it the bridge we were supposed to cross was closed for construction, so we had to take a different bridge. A two lane, which, again as luck would have it, had just had an auto crash on it. The crash was taking up one of the lanes, and the police were directing traffic around it. Bad news is it messed-up our gleeful crossing, picture of the “Welcome to Illinois” sign, etc, but the good news is it had traffic slowed to a crawl which is ideal if you’re riding your bike across a bridge.

Dinner this evening was at the hotel, so no need to venture out – just eat and sleep.

Tomorrow’s agenda includes a 107 mile ride from Quincey, IL to Springfield, IL. Unfortunately the forecast calls for 70% chance of rain, so we might get a little wet as we ride. Finger’s crossed we’ll miss the rain!

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