(Day 31*) Monday, 6-June-2022

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(Editor’s note: To avoid any confusion, this blog will use the same day numbering convention as CrossRoads Cycling Adventures. It may look like we missed a day, but not to worry, there has been no gap in blogging!)

Well we weren’t expecting that at all!

Just like the other day, when the forecast called for rainy conditions for our day on the bikes, last night’s forecast forewarned of the same for today: 80% chance of rain, wind in our faces, etc, etc. This morning when we checked, they’d lowered the precip chance to 50%, and the showers would be arriving in the afternoon.

Turns out we had a great day of cycling weather: overcast skies, (albeit threatening at times), cool temps, and favorable winds. I felt a few sprinkles every now and then, but they didn’t even get the pavement wet.

Other than keeping one eye fixed on the weather, the ride today was mostly uneventful, except for the extra long distance – 107 miles. Pretty tired by the time we arrived at the hotel, but a shower and dinner does wonders for a cyclist’s disposition!

Tomorrow we ride to Champaign, Illinois, followed by a rest day. A rest day we’re all looking forward to!!

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