(Day 23) Monday, 30-May-2022

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Well that turned out better than I thought it would!

Yesterday’s ride from Great Bend, KS, to McPherson, KS, was challenging because of the strong crosswind we dealt with the entire ride. Then, as we overnighted in McPherson, we could hear the wind howling all night long, and the forecast was more of the same for today. So this morning I got all prepped and was heading down with my bags a little before 7 this morning, when I learned that the tour company had decided on a 10:30 start instead of the usual 7/7:30 starts. The forecast indicated the wind was supposed to subsite as the day unfolded, so we had a later start than anticipated.

When we did roll out, it was indeed blowing quite strong, but it did begin to fade – somewhat – as the day progressed. There were a handful of riders that decided to SAG part (or all) of the route, as it was quite dicey in a few areas.

Other than the wind, the ride was quite unremarkable – just farm, after farm, after farm… wash, rinse, repeat…..

About an hour after we arrived at the hotel, the skies grew dark and the heavens opened up with heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and even some hail thrown in for good measure. By then however all the riders had arrived, so there wasn’t an opportunity for anyone to be swooped up and dropped on the wicked witch of the west….

Tomorrow’s a rest day, and believe me people, I will REST. Then on Wednesday it’s on to Topeka as we continue our relentless charge across the U.S.!!!

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