(Day 25) Wednesday, 1-June-2022

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Well that didn’t turn out the way we thought it would.

As we were prepping to leave the hotel this morning, the forecast was for rainy conditions, wind, and cold temps. While we did experience some chilly temps and some wind in our faces, fortunately the rain held off and we were DRY the whole day. Not that the skies weren’t threatening – they were – but apparently Mother Nature’s wrath took a backseat today.

Since we’d braced ourselves for the worst this morning, the ride today was pretty unremarkable. We got our first real taste of *true* rolling hills, more than I’ve seen yet on the tour. (Reminded me of the rides I used to do in the great state of Michigan back in the day!) The ups and downs will no doubt be a staple as we traverse the midwest.

After our one SAG stop, we visited a small, four corner town of Dover, Kansas, and enjoyed a slice of pie at the Sommerset Cafe (we were told this place is a CrossRoads Bike Tour tradition)(and if it involves food, I ain’t messin’ with tradition). A really cool little restaurant with lots of authentic Americana vibe. Great food, great wait staff, even a table of older, (shall we say “more seasoned”) locals who’d walked across the street from their “fix it up garage” to enjoy their lunch and discuss the daily happenings of Dover.

After arriving at our hotel, and after I had showered to remove the layer of road grime, sweat, etc, I actually laid down and took a 2 hour nap before dinner (I hadn’t slept very well last night). Dinner this evening was at an Applebee’s near the hotel.

Tonight is our last night in Kansas – Missouri here we come!

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