(Day 22) Sunday, 29-May-2022

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Man, I never thought I could ride a bike leaning that far over!

The wind was very strong today, hitting us at about our 3 o’clock position. Consistently blowing at 25 to 35 mph, with gusts up to 50 mph! It was a challenge to travel in a straight line most of the day.

As far as highlights for the day’s ride…. well…. there wasn’t much this time. A few interesting examples of old time architecture, and another mural on the side of a building (I gather murals are kind of a “thing” out here). Another interesting thing called out for us was the city of McPherson has a really cool opera house that was built in 1889, and has been renovated and is regularly used to this day. Unfortunately, as I neared the hotel, it was basically a “heads down, crank the pedals as hard as possible” situation, after fighting with the wind all day (which is to say I didn’t see the opera house as I rode through town).

Tomorrow we ride to Emporia, Kansas, and then we have our next rest day.


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