(Day 21) Saturday, 28-May-2022

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Today’s ride was almost a carbon copy of yesterday’s, however the tailwind was not quite as direct as we would have liked it.

The wind was still strong, but it was coming at us from about our 4 o’clock angle. So, there was some benefit, but not as much as we’d enjoyed the previous day.

The highlights along the route were the halfway point between New York and San Francisco (this is the halfway point for those two locations, not for the route we’re traveling across the country – I’m told we’ll cross our half way point in another couple hundred miles). And, we visited Pawnee Rock, a rock outcropping that juts out of the flat prairieland near Great Bend, Kansas. Apparently the settlers that traveled along the Santa Fe Trail would climb to the top of the rock and scan the surrounding land to get an idea of what lies ahead.

Tomorrow on to McPherson!

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