(Day 20) Friday, 27-May-2022

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Holy cow, that was fast!

Our 84 mile ride today was one of the fastest trips I’ve made on the bike. The secret? We had a 20 to 30 mph tailwind that pushed us all the way!

Our SAG stop today was at the Dalton Gang Hang Out, in Meade, KS. A small, Sears “catalog house”, with a basement and tunnel to an outbuilding nearby. A bunch of relics from the late 1800’s and a knowledgeable young lady who gave us the skinny on who the Dalton Gang was and how they met their demise. Very interesting.

Once back on the bike, the tailwind continued to bless us and we traveled the next ~40 miles without incident. It was a blast cruising along at 29 mph with minimal muscle input.

Tomorrow we travel to Great Bend, Kansas, 85 miles to the northeast. And yes, another day of forecasted winds coming from the southwest. Bring it on!!

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