(Day 5) Thursday, 12-May-2022

(Or, “The Special Word for the Day, Children, is ‘Climbing’”)

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Today was much better than yesterday: no flat tires, no rough roads, no behind the 8-ball right from the start, none of that. There were a total of 7 climbs today, 2 being quite significant, and of those 2, the Yarnell Pass climb was the most challenging.

An interesting point near the top of the Yarnell Pass was the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial, which is a tribute to the 19 firefighters who died there on June 30, 2013, fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire. (https://azstateparks.com/hotshots)

The first SAG was in the town of Yarnell, where we munched on the usual SAG fair, but also were treated to chilled watermelon chunks. Just what the doctor ordered for a bunch of exhausted cyclists.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Country Corner Store near the end of the ride – just a super small store which, we were told, is a tradition for the bicycle tour company’s trips. It was great to refuel with a jug of Gatorade and an ice cream bar!

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