(Day 6) Friday, 13-May-2022

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Good day of riding today!

The day began with a run out of Prescott, AZ, on the freeway for about 14 miles. Then the fun began with a gradual climb out of the valley to the Mingus Mountain summit, at 6,993 ft above sea level. We then had a thrilling decent (40-ish mph) into the historic mining town of Jerome, AZ. A very, very cool little city on the side of the mountain. A restaurant called “The Haunted Hamburger” offered a great variety of food and is a traditional stop for the bike tour company.

After lunch we proceed down the mountain, (40-ish mph), to the town of Cottonwood, AZ.

Dinner this evening was at the Black Bear Diner, a great restaurant with lots of atmosphere and delicious food.

Tomorrow we climb again….

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