Thursday, 14-Apr-2022, 24 days until beginning of tour

Today’s tidbit of levity: “The biggest joke on mankind is that computers have started asking humans to prove that they aren’t a robot.”

Getting closer to the tour start date. Dealing with some mixed emotions – one part of me is wanting more time, as I have a few more tweaks I’d like to make to the bike and my gear, the other part is anxious to get the show on the road – I’ve been preparing for this since last summer!

Here’s a brief rundown of the last several days:

Sunday, April 3rd – participated in the St. Paddy O’Pedal Ride to Conquer Childhood Cancer, putting in 44 miles through gorgeous North Fulton and Cherokee counties. A great ride with good SAG stops and rolling hills.

Thursday, April 7th – working out in the backyard, I stepped on a pine cone. But this was no any ordinary pine cone – this was a pine cone sent directly from Satan. I rolled onto my ankle and hit the dirt. And thrashed around for ~10 minutes, continually reciting language that I did not learn in Sunday School. Hobbled into the house, took some meds, and spent the remainder of the day hearing a heating pad whisper sweet nothings into my ear. (Well, into my ankle.) Did not ride the following day but rested it hoping it’d be okay for the tour I’d registered for the next day.

Saturday, April 9th – lugging a sore, swollen ankle, (which at this point had begun to show some pretty significant bruising), completed the Toney Serrano Century Ride, based out of Monroe, GA. Covered 60 miles in a miserable day for cycling; I don’t think it ever got out of the low 40’s, was very windy, and even sleeted for a while. But good to get the miles in and – between the crappy weather and very sore ankle – was definitely a great opportunity to work on some “mental toughness.”

The following day, Sunday the 10th, I rode with a group from the Covington-Conyers Cycling Club (C4), where we did portions of the previous day’s ride. And what a difference 24 hrs made in the weather. Sunny, mid-70’s, with a light breeze. Could not have been better for a 41 mile ride.

Those are the highlights. Many shorter training rides at Stone Mountain Park and the surrounding area.

Left ankle – outside
Left ankle – inside

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