Saturday, 16-Apr-2022

Days until beginning of cross-country bike ride: 22

Today’s inspirational quote: “Get up. Dust off. Reload. Re-calibrate. Re-engage – And go out on the attack.”                — Jocko Willink

Today’s tidbit of levity: “I dusted once. It came back. I’m not falling for that again.”

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Great ride today with the C4 gang. Overcast and mid-60’s. It was supposed to be about a 40 miler, but as we neared the end of the route, we learned there was a bridge out on the road we were supposed to take. It ended up being 44-ish miles with the detour around the construction zone. But it was all good: good terrain, good company, good pace, and, at the finish we were treated to a meal of burgers and hotdogs at the Good Hope pavilion. Paul Jones, who is the retiring director of the Tony Serrano Century Ride (which was held last Saturday on the same course we rode today), and his friend Eddie had the grill fired up and all the fixin’s ready as we arrived.

Tomorrow is Easter, so I’m not planning on an extended ride. If there’s a dull spot in the afternoon I may shoot over to Stone Mountain and put in a couple laps, but the weather isn’t looking good, so we may take a day off. We’ll see what unfolds.

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