(Day 44) Sunday, 19-June-2022

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Day 44 – Victor, NY, to Syracuse, NY, 86.1 miles, 2,581 ft of elevation gain. Another chilly morning as we departed Victor at 7:30 a.m. The route took us to the northern end of Seneca Lake, one of the huge finger lakes of upstate New York, which was also our first SAG of the day. The wind was a bit on the strong side, mostly hitting our port side all day. The area near the lakes reminded me of the Lake Michigan shoreline, where many touristy establishments reside.

Near the end of the ride we visited the Erie Canal Park near Camillus, NY, which had some neat displays of canal life from back in the day. It was also a great place for families to picnic and do some fishing.

Dinner this evening was catered and delicious – and as usual we ate like wolves. (From what I’ve been told, once the tour is over it will be a challenge to cut back on our calorie intake since we won’t be spending 7-ish hours on a bike every day!)

Also, to my surprise at dinner, the bike tour company auctioned off a gear bag with the proceeds going towards “one of Doug’s non-profits”. The $50 bag went for $130, which will go towards The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta. Big tip of the hat and congrats to fellow rider Randy Hansen for winning a hotly contested bidding war!

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