(Day 36) Saturday, 11-June-2022

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Well, we finally rode in the wet.

But, other than a few sprinkles the first hour of our ride, and some wet pavement from some overnight rains, it was fairly dry. 

Other than a few twists and turns working our way out of the city of Indianapolis, the route today was almost a straight line, due east. The changes in elevation was really the only excitement (and I used that word loosely) in the ride. And we had to navigate through a couple construction zones. We rode through some nice, old timey towns and villages, many decorated in patriotic flair (probably for the upcoming 4th of July parades). 

Our destination was Richmond, Indiana, which is literally on the border with Ohio – the state line is less than a mile from the hotel.

Dinner was at Cracker Barrel this evening.

Tomorrow begins a series of 5 long distance days as we work our way through Ohio and up the coast of Lake Erie. We’ll be heading to Marysville, Ohio, tomorrow, just a mere 105 miles to our northeast.

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