(Day 35) Friday, 10-June-2022

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Make that 3 times the forecast has called for rain, and we got through unscathed!

Yes, when I hit the sheets last night we were expecting a wet day on the bike, but by the morning the outlook had changed and it turned out to be a dry ride. It was overcast, and the rain *eventually* arrived, but not during our time on the bikes.

As we neared the city, the route had us make several lefts & rights, while dealing with traffic and, quite frankly, crappy road conditions. (Note to Indianapolis public works administrators: get going on the repaving!) A tip of the hat to Jeannine, one of our riders who ended up leading a group of 8-ish riders through the maze, while reading her GPS, reading the traffic, assessing the potholes, etc, etc. (We were navigating not by a GPS system, but a JPS system!)

For good measure, fate also threw in a house fire that had the street blocked on our route. Fortunately one of the SAG vehicles was there to advise a reroute and we were able to keep rolling on.

Our hotel this evening is a very nice Embassy Suites right in the heart of Indianapolis. It’s one of those swanky hotels where the first few floors are shops, restaurants, jewelry stores, etc. All us riders arrived in a large group, with our bikes, and walked into the bldg with our bikes. We rode the escelators with our bikes, rode the elevator with our bikes, etc, etc, and finally arrived at the lobby to get our room keys. To say we raised a few eyebrows would be an understatement.

Tomorrow we leave Indianapolis and pedal 72 miles to Richmond, Indiana, which is just short of the border with Ohio. Our next five days are long ones – the shortest of which is just over 90 miles, and the longest trek 106 miles.

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