(Day 27) Friday, 3-June-2022

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Today was another day of great weather and challenging terrain!

We rode from St. Joseph, Missouri to Chillicothe, Missouri, 87 miles and 3,800 ft of climbing on the rolling landscape. Lots of farms, livestock, and heavy equipment in play. Our first SAG was hosted by the DeKalb County Historical Society of Maysville, MO. Great treats (can you say “cinnamon rolls the size of your head”?), great conversation and great memories. A few blocks before the SAG we stopped at an elementary school and visited with the students who had come out to greet us. Lots of fun interacting with the kids and answering their questions! I encouraged them to go for their dreams!

After the second SAG the hills got noticeably steeper, which was a hot topic around the evening’s dinner table. However, I think our legs are in much better shape these days to handle the workout!

On to Kirksville tomorrow!

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