(Day 18) Wednesday, 25-May-2022

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“That’s what I’m Talkin’ About!”

Today’s ride was not the ideal conditions, but compared to the last couple days, it was much better. We still had a challenging wind hitting us from the front/left side, and it was still a bit chilly, but the sun was out part of the day and no rain at all!

It was a 74 mile trek from Dalhart, Texas, to Guymon, Oklahoma (you know, where the wind comes whistlin’ down the plain). We just had one SAG today, about 32 miles in, and a few of us stopped later in the ride (at 50-ish miles?) at a Subway for lunch. Dinner was at a great restaurant right across the parking lot from the hotel.

The road we were on today was straight as an arrow – in fact, when I powered up my bike computer and got the navigation mode running, the “next turn” indicator was showing the turn into the hotel parking lot at the end. There were literally no turns we needed to make all day.

Tomorrow is a short day to Liberal, Kansas, about 41 miles. So short in fact, that instead of our usual 7am & 7:30am starts, we will do one mass start for the entire group at 9am. And just one SAG stop about half way. 

The next several overnights are in Kansas, then on to Missouri.

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