(Day 17) Tuesday, 24-May-2022

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Day of Survival, Version 2.0

Today’s ride was 94 miles from Tucumcari, New Mexico, to Dalhart, Texas. With rain forecasted, winds blowing 20-25mph, gusts 30+, right into our faces. A high temperature of 55 degrees.

At least the rain didn’t last all day, just the first few hours in the morning. But it was the wind that really made it a tough one. Unrelenting, hour after hour after hour. Some in the group rode one of the SAG vehicles to the hotel for the final hours; I was one of the few who pushed through and did the entire route on the bike. (Not sure if that was smart/courageous/tenacious, or idiotic/moronic/stupid!) It was a total of 10 hrs 5 minutes on the bike, and the other riders were already eating dinner by the time I rolled in, and I was completely exhausted. But – it’s amazing what a meal, a shower, and some ibuprofen will do for your spirits! And, I did not have a single flat tire the entire day! Yay me!

Tomorrow’s ride takes us to Guymon, Oklahoma. Forecasting partly cloudy skies and a high of 70. Winds 20-30mph out of the NNW, so *should* be mostly at our side – but we’ll see….

Make tomorrow a great day!!

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