(Day 12) Thursday, 19-May-2022

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Today’s ride was from Grants, New Mexico, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, 79.4 miles, 2.045ft climbing, 4.7% maximum grade.

A good day in the saddle. A little brisk at the beginning, but warmed up nicely very soon. Most of the route was once again on the historic Route 66 highway, with a few sections on I40 eastbound. I had zero – yes, ZERO – flat tires today! 

Coming into Albuquerque there was a huge downhill with 1) smooth pavement, 2) no stop signals, 3) idiot bicyclists who like to go fast. Needless to say it was a big rush to travel down that slope! I glanced down at my computer at one point, and it was reading 41 mph!

We rolled into Albuquerque around 1pm, and I stopped at a McDonald’s to get some refreshment….cuz it had gotten a little warm out there.

This evening we had a meeting for the tour company to announce the strategy to get us past the forest fires that are currently raging near Las Vegas.

On to Santa Fe tomorrow!

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