(Day 11) Wednesday, 18-May-2022

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Today’s ride was from Gallup, New Mexico, to Grants, New Mexico, 67 miles.

It was a rather chilly morning at 48 degrees. The ride featured a SAG stop at the Continental Divide, which was 28 miles in. But naturally, before reaching the SAG, I had, you guessed it, flat number 8. Putting me behind the group, and insuring that I would be DFL for the day (Dead Frickin’ Last). The CD was a neat little stop, there is a Native American store there stocked with jewelry and household goods.

The first segment was on the shoulder of I-40, while the second half of the route was on historic Route 66. Unfortunately, of the 30-ish miles we traveled on R66, about 8 miles was being resurfaced. They had ground off the old asphalt but had not repaved the surface. So we rode on an extremely rough stretch of road. So rough, I lost three fillings.

Tomorrow on to Albuquerque!

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