(Day 3) Tuesday, 10-May-2022

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Well, I’ve had better days, but all things considered, today wasn’t to bad…..

Today’s ride began with a big climb from mile 4 to mile 14. The grade probably averaged about 4 to 5 percent, but it was the *length* of the climb that really was the challenge.

One odd thing that occurred today was some road construction that necessitated the tour company to shuttle us about 20 miles down the road because – due to the way they had the lanes configured – it would have been very dangerous to have cyclists on the freeway. I think they made the right call.

Unfortunately I had to deal with two flats today, one about 30 miles into the ride, and the 2nd about 5 miles from the hotel. No big deal though, I got them both swapped out with a spare tube that we all carry, so was back underway in short order.

Back at it again tomorrow!

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