(Day 1) Sunday, 8-May-2022

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What a great way to start the adventure! Great ride to the beach, great time dipping the wheels, great company, great navigation files by the organizers. It was overcast for much of the day, which made the riding comfortable. The sun broke out for the last couple hours, but it was not bad.

The only glitch was that I started to get a hot spot on my right foot. Which was strange because I had not had any issues with those shoes previously. And it was starting to hurt BAD. At the next SAG stop I took off my shoe and discovered a big fold in my sock (recall how we took our shoes and socks off when we dipped our tires in the ocean? Apparently in my rush to get the ride underway I wasn’t careful putting my socks back on! I resolved  the fold and the pain went away.) (Well, almost went away – there was still some residual pain when I clipped out when stopping, but I checked the foot again at the end of the ride and it looks okay – no blisters and hadn’t even broken the skin. So dodged a bullet on that one!)

Okay, there was one more challenge to the day, and that was a climb that we encountered about 10 miles before the end of the route. A 6% grade, which isn’t too bad, however, it was over about 2 miles, and this was after we’d climbed many smaller hills. That sucker just kept going up, and up, and up, and up…..

Please checkout the two non-profits I’m supporting (info & links on this site) and if you can, consider donating to their cause. They’re great organizations!

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