Friday, 6-May-2022

Days until beginning of tour: 1

Today’s inspirational quote: “Keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.”

Today’s tidbit of levity: “Driving by myself is so tiring, because I have to be the lead singer, the backup singers, dancers, sound technician, etc……”

It’s a happy day – the package with the remainder of my gear, which was expected to arrive no later than 9pm tomorrow, was delivered today. What a relief! I installed the last few components on the bike, then took it for a short 45 minute check-out ride. Everything appears to be working okay (with the bike, and with this old geezer’s body). I have a few minor things to tweak but nothing I couldn’t live with if they’re not resolved.

I did a phone interview with a reporter for the Gwinnett Daily Post in Atlanta who is doing a story on the ride. Also created a short view for Facebook on the ride which I’ve posted below.

Got to meet a few more of the riders this afternoon, and they all seem to be a great group of people. Tomorrow afternoon is our orientation meeting, so it will be the first opportunity to see the entire gang. I’m told there are a total of 27 riders.

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